W.E. (Ina) Kuiper is attorney-at-law and owner of ADV Legal. Ina is a graduate of Groningen University in the Netherlands (1987). She worked some years in France (Paris) for several business enterprises and subsequently, she worked for 4 years as an associate professor at the Open University of the Netherlands (Company Law and European Corporate Law). She passed through the specialist Grotius Academy for Company law and the Law on legal persons.

Ina Kuiper worked as consultant and attorney-at-law with Ernst & Young Tax Advisors and its law firm Holland Van Gijzen Attorneys-at-Law and Civil Law Notaries at Rotterdam since 1994, and as a partner since July 2003.

In the period 2006 – 2008 she participated in several programs of the IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland.

After 17 years with EY, i.e. at the beginning of 2011, Ina Kuiper started her own law firm ADV Legal enabling her to operate with more entrepreneurship and personal involvement in practice.

She is the author of various publications in newspapers and magazines and co-author of several legal courses and books.

Ina Kuiper is highly experienced in co-operating with other lawyers and disciplines.

Ina has registered the following practice areas at the Dutch Bar Association: Corporate Law and Health Care Law. According to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association, she is obligated to obtain ten education points in each registered practice area each calendar year.

Ina Kuiper is a member of: